Meet Ripasso Energy

Ripasso Energy are frequently attending as well as arranging a variety of marketing events. The list is updated on a regular basis with new opportunities to get to know Ripasso Energy and our products.

Note that all current events are in Swedish.

Upcoming events



May 18

Open House at the factory in Sibbhult, Sweden



June 1

ProHearings, Stockholm


June 11

Småbolagsdagen, Stockholm



October 23

Aktiespararna Norra Bohuslän Strömstad – Tanum, Grebbestad, Sweden



November 12

Stora Aktiedagen, Gothenburg


Past events


March 21 – Aktiespararna, Trelleborg, Sweden

March 13Aktiedagen, Jönköping (in Swedish)

February 16 – ProHearings, Stockholm (in Swedish)

February 1 – Aktiespararna, Skara, Sweden

January 19 Investerardagen, Stockholm (in Swedish)



November 27 Stora Aktiedagen, Gothenburg (in Swedish)

November 17 – ProHearings, Stockholm (in Swedish)

October 23Aktiedagen, Falköping, Sweden (in Swedish)

September 25Aktiedagen, Gothenburg (in Swedish)

June 12 – Småbolagsdagen, Stockholm (in Swedish)

May 23 – Aktiedagen, Malmö (in Swedish)

May 19ProHearings, Stockholm (in Swedish)

March 21 – InvestorDagen, Scandic Copenhagen, Copenhagen

March 15 – Open House at the factory in Sibbhult, Sweden

March 9 – Aktiespararträff, Vellinge Gästis, Vellinge, Sweden

February 21 – FemInvest, Gothenburg

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