Ripasso Stirling Hybrid

Ripasso Stirling Hybrid

Ripasso Energy’s renewable system for available, demand-controlled energy supply is based on a solar-tracking parabolic concentrator combined with a 33 kW Stirling engine. The system collects thermal energy from the sun in a parabolic reflective dish that tracks the sun and heats hydrogen gas to drive pistons in the engine. The system provides alternating current directly without the need for additional DC/AC converters, water cooling systems or complex central units.The system converts concentrated solar radiation into electrical energy at a high rate of efficiency. Using a unique hybrid adaptation, Ripasso Energy complements solar energy with biogas, waste gas or other fluid fuels at times when solar radiation is not available.

The total solar-to-grid quality efficiency of the system is above 30% and in our test facility in South Africa, a world leading efficiency of 32% was demonstrated in November 2012.

Ripasso Energy’s solar hybrid uses no water to produce electricity and the product has an expected service life of at least 25 years.

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