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Ripasso PWR BLOK

Ripasso PWR BLOK

Ripasso Energy PWR BLOK 400-F is a container-based solution in which the company’s Stirling engines are used to harness energy from residual gas combustion and flare gas, allowing significant electricity and cost savings to industries.

Many industrial applications produce by-products in the form of gases (residual gas) that are currently burned off without harnessing their energy. Residual gas is generally of uneven quality, meaning that internal combustion engines have a very hard time handling the conditions that residual gas presents. The Stirling engine is unique in its high-efficiency and external combustion design, making it virtually indifferent to the type of gas being burned and to the quality of the gas in question. With the PWR BLOK 400-F, Ripasso Energy has developed a product in which the company’s Stirling engines are installed in a container that can be deployed cost-effectively in facilities where residual gas combustion occurs.

At the price Ripasso Energy is able to offer, a customer’s payback period for the PWR BLOK 400-F is about three years and a reduction of the volume of electricity purchased from the grid by up to 15 percent.

The customer’s total cost for electricity over a 25-year period is calculated to $21.7/MWh flat, a record low for energy in the field of cleantech.