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Ripasso Stirling Hybrid

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    Reliable energy in a renewable format

    World-leading efficiency

    Ripasso Energy has developed a renewable system based on solar energy, unique in its net efficiency of over 30 percent – almost twice that of conventional solar panels. The system consists of a solar-tracking parabolic mirror dish, combined with a 33 kW Stirling engine. The heat from the sun in collected in the reflective dish, focused on the hot side of the engine which in turns heats hydrogen gas, powering the pistons in the engine. This directly produces AC power without any need of additional components, such as DC/AC converters, water cooling systems or complex central units. Concentrated sunlight is converted into electrical energy with high efficiency. The product has an expected service life of at least 25 years.


    Unique hybrid adaptation

    Using a unique hybrid adaption, the heat from the sun is combined with another fuel-based source of heat, for example LNG, biogas or ethanol. In this way, the product addresses the Achilles’ heel of solar energy, namely availability. The system delivers climate-smart electricity when demanded by the customer, rather than when the sun is shining. This technology is exclusive to Ripasso Energy and in March 2017, patent applications for this solution was filed.


    First commercial projects ongoing

    Ripasso Energy has a collaboration agreement with Italian company Horizon S.R.L., a company working on realising renewable projects in the energy sector. In May 2017, Horizon ordered three hybridised Stirling engines from Ripasso Energy for delivery to a first commercial facility in Sicily. These will be delivered in 2018 and in December 14, 2017, a demonstration unit was inaugurated at the University of Palermo.

    The CSP solution of Ripasso Energy sold exclusively in Sicily through our partner, Horizon S.R.L.