Ripasso Energy has developed a hybridized Stirling engine, based on an exclusive license from Kockums. The Stirling engine forms the basis of the two first commerical products of the company – Ripasso Stirling Hybrid and Ripasso PWR BLOK 400-F.

The Company’s hybrid solution makes it possible to generate electricity 24 hours
a day. The solution uses solar energy when available, and is able to harness a wide range of fuels during hours of darkness and cloud. This product has been tested since 2012 and the first commercial order came in May 2017.

The PWR BLOK 400-F is the first product offered by Ripasso Energy for the residual gas market. Residual gas is generally of uneven quality and are today simply burned, as they are difficult ro deal with. The Stirling engine is unique in its high-efficiency and external combustion design, making it virtually indifferent to the type of gas being burned and to the quality of the gas in question. With the PWR BLOK 400-F, Ripasso Energy provides a way to harness the energy of these residual gases. Ripasso Energy has identified the ferrochrome industry as a suitable first market for this product.

The Stirling engine has been developed for large-scale production in cooperation with Sibbhultsverken in order to bring down unit costs to a competitive level.