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Electricity generation has undergone a significant shift in recent years. The demand for renewable alternatives has been met by a number of different technologies. The most successful of these, such as solar panels and wind power, are currently able, under certain circumstances, to generate a kilowatt hour more economically than conventional alternatives like coal or nuclear power. But even as solar and wind energy have made advances, new challenges have also arisen, as it is not always possible to generate the electricity to coincide with the time of consumption. Attempts are sometimes made to resolve this issue with a variety of storage technologies, but the technology is not quite there yet, as it is not only necessary to move generated power from day to night, but also from summer to winter.

Herein lies Ripasso Energy’s opportunity. With the support of an IP license from Kockums, since 2008 we have developed a Stirling engine that can be operated using both solar and a variety of fuel types. Our solar hybrid solution provides what the market wants – the maximum fraction of renewable energy paired with 100 percent availability. Thanks to our partnership with Sibbhultsverken we are able to mass produce the Stirling engine and bring the costs down to a level that opens up a large market. We are currently preparing to commence production of facilities for commercial use. In the coming years we will be producing these facilities together with our partner Horizon. The first commercial order was signed on May 8, 2017 and we expect to receive orders for at least 100 engines during the autumn. In the interest of establishing our profile as a credible supplier, we have strengthened our balance sheet and listed the shares on the NGM Nordic MTF. September 28th, 2017 Ripasso Energy launched PWR BLOK.

New share issue

In a press release November 1, Ripasso Energy announced its intention to issue new shares in the amount of 91.7 million SEK. December 1, a prospectus wit respect to this share issue was made public.

Below, the prospectus is available for download. Please note that his document is an unofficial translation and in the event of any discrepancies with the Swedish-language version, the Swedish version shall prevail.

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