Ripasso Energy at World Future Energy Summit
Ripasso Energy participates in the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi (WFES 2013). In a presentation and a press release at the summit on January 15 it is concluded that this new solar-to-electricity world record for Ripasso Energy Stirling Dish CSP will give lower cost compared to other technologies measured as Levelised Cost of
Electricity (LCOE). The complete press release is available here.

Stirling solar power
Based on stirling technology, a Ripasso Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) unit has a typical power output of 30 kW.
An inherited modular design ideally suited for volume production with an outstanding conversion efficiency of
30 %, provides a number of benefits compared to other solar technologies. Read more

First stirling power plant in Sweden
By 2020, the City of Malmö will be climate neutral and by 2030, the whole municipality will run on 100% renewable energy. As a good evidence to promote those climate ambitions, the City of Malmö is opening the first stirling solar power plant in June 2010. This solar power plant represents a technology that has been developed in Malmö for decades and will continue to do so well in to the future.